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5on Google, Feb 08, 2018
Dr Gayles and the entire staff are wonderful! I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), which is not very common and many doctors are not familiar with the condition, or they just prescribe pain pills without trying to “heal” the condition. Dr Gayles is very familiar with CRPS and is up on the latest procedures and treatments available. He thinks outside of the box and has really helped me to find relief. He and the staff genuinely care about the patients. He takes the time needed during visits to address issues and answer questions . You will never be rushed. Office is very clean and I never have to wait more than a few minutes to be seen. Highly recommend! more »
5on Google, Feb 06, 2018
I was seeing my previous Pain management Dr for almost 6 years and I hated him and the clinic but because I was an established patient I was scared to go to any other Dr because I feared I would not be able to get the medication I truely need!! My husband went to See Dr Gayles which is literally 5 min away from our home and he tried to get me to see him for almost a year but I was going through many procedures and again scared of a new Dr!! Anyway, I finally decided to go and had my first appointment in November and LOVED him instantly. I have what you could say a very complicated and I am sure very overwhelming at first glance medical history! I could see by the look on his face that he was a little baffled by my issues but he took it head on! I could not believe how amazing he was and his staff!! The clinic is unbelievable and this is by far the first time I actually don’t fear or hate going and seeing the Dr! I have seen him every month and have actually had a procedure that ACTUALLY WORKED FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! He cares so much And he couldn’t get a better team!!! They are the friendliest And funniest group of gals!! They really care about their patients and make them feel heard, and understood! He spends at least 30-40 min with me (not the average 5 min) at each follow up visit talking and answering any questions or concerns I may have! He has helped me find a new Orthopedic spine Dr that he actually trust and is not even working with he is with a totally different medical group! Which that right there says a lot! He has introduced me to a new medicine that has changed my life and I actually could go on and on about this place!!! I hope 🤞 this continues because I would be heart broken if I ever have to find a new Pain management Dr!!! If you are TRUELY suffering from medical conditions and or injuries like myself then you really need to See Dr Gayles!! more »
5on Google, Jan 10, 2018
I have what one of my doctors kindly refers to as a zebra condition. It's complex and no clear diagnosis as of yet. My symptoms range across several medical specialties. Because of this zebra, it has been challenging finding a team of doctors who won't dismiss it. Dr Gayles dove right in. My pain recovery has made more progress in the few months I've been a patient of Dr Gayles than I've seen in the previous years since these symptoms began. I can't say enough kind things about him and his staff. Not only do they truly care, they're incredibly efficient and organized. No long waits. more »
Business Response:
Thank you so much for your wonderful review. We strive to give only the best in patient care.
5on Google, Dec 27, 2017
Best staff ever!! more »
Business Response:
Thank you Mrs. Mitchell! I take pride in my practice and I couldn't do it without my team.
5on Google, Dec 27, 2017
Dr. Gayles spends a lot of time with you. The staff is very pleasant. All questions are answered before you leave. more »
Business Response:
Mrs. Nolan we are glad that you were happy with the care we provided. Thank you for your review.
5on Google, Dec 08, 2017
After dealing with multiple drs I will never go to another one. Even if Dr Gayles retires I will go to his home for consultation. The staff are unbelievable and make you feel at home and a part of their family. Definitely recommend to each and everyone more »
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Thank you Mr. Ringler for your wonderful review! We are glad you are happy with the care my staff and I provide.
5on Google, Nov 14, 2017
Dr Gayles is a wonderful Dr. He is skilled, compassionate and kind, basically everything you want in a Dr. He has assembled a wonderful staff at his Nona Medical arts office. I travel from Brevard county to see Dr Gayles because I have total confidence in his ability. more »
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Thank You Mrs. Collins for this great review. We appreciate you taking the time to fill out our survey.
5on Google, Oct 24, 2017
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5on Google, Oct 23, 2017
Dr. Gayle is wonderful takes the time to hear my concerns. MAs are wonderful and sweet. more »
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Thank you for your review.
5on Google, Sep 29, 2017
Dr. Gayle and his staff are absolutely the best in the medical field. Cool Anne Marie, Fabulous Anita, Loving Janice, On Point Pat and Sabine, and Funny Penelope are the best nurses!!!
It is hom
e every time I go visit and my pain has decreased about an 80% with their treatment. I could not be happier. more »
Business Response:
Hi Mrs. Bou! Happy to have you as our patient Thank you for the wonderful review.
5on Google, Sep 28, 2017
Everyone was so pleasant, outgoing and helpful. Made my visit so pleasurable will recommend this practice to anyone with pain. Dr. Gayles and staff are so caring. more »
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Mrs. Brooks we are glad to know you are happy with your care at Nona Medical Arts. Thank you for taking the time to give us such a great review.
5on Google, Sep 26, 2017
Let me ‘start’ with the Bottom Line. GO!!!!!! and see Dr. Gayles if you have any pain that needs attention.
The Back-story (pun-intended): During cleanup, Hurricane Irma claimed another vict (52 year young) back. My wife questioned my manhood (that trees not that big, I bet you could cut that thing up in about 3 hours!? She was right. She’s alwsys right. Then I spent the next 36 hours flat on my back with nerve pain shooting down my right leg. We were to leave for our European dream-of-a-lifetime vacation 7 days later to celebrate our 30th anniversary. (Did I mention it was prepaid?!) It was prepaid!!
One very concerned call to Nona Medical Arts and Dr. Gayles & his professional staff really went out of there way. They were ALL SO IMPRESSIVE. From Sabine, who answered the phone & walked us through the online paperwork. To Annemarie who took our vitals and documented my pains. To the very approachable and REAL person, Dr. Richard Gayles. He not only examined me. He LISTENED. That’s right. In an age when you spend more time with a barista during a single Vanilla-Latte transaction. Dr. Gayles was ALL-IN. There’s more to the story. Like, his resume (yes, I looked it up - he’s an Anesthesiologist) right now, we are getting ready to board our flight to Italy. Pain free.
Gotta fly. Please call there office and GO!!!!
They do need ur info so don’t let the online process intimidate you - just call with questions, Sabine was great.
David B.
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5on Reviews Today, Aug 30, 2017
If I could give Dr. Gayles and his staff more than five stars, I would definitely do so! Dr. Gayles took the time to explain my specific conditions in great detail and answered all of my questions and concerns in a very knowledgeable and compassionate manner. His staff is very professional, friendly, and helpful. Kudos to Dr. Gayles and everyone else at his office!!! more »
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Mrs. Rodriguez thank you for this wonderful review.
5on Google, Aug 05, 2017
I have had a herniated disk and was having 9 ( worst pain is 10) for months. Hurt to use the bathroom.
I'm a Masters prepared Nurse (40 years) who was an Oncology NP. Dr Gayles is the best
anesthesiologist/ pain expert I've ever encountered & in addition, he is so kind. He listens, really listens. So his history is a vital tool to directing your treatment. He is great to his staff. I can tell Bc they are great to his patients, you can be comfortable asking questions. I am now having pain at 1-2 level. I will start my PT. He is making sure I use good body mechanics, no twisting, no gardening, limit lifting and work to build core strength of abdomen & back muscles.
I am thrilled with Dr Gayles and his staff. I recommend them completely. They even offer to help w computer entry of your past history if you have computer difficulties. They are terrific from front desk to follow through post-procedure. They just called me after every step. And I'm a critical care consumer.
Joy Roehnert, RN, MSN, FNP
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Business Response:
Mrs. Roehnert your review is much appreciated. My staff and I strive to give only the best in patient care. That is why we make sure to always make our patients #1. We glad to hear you were happy with our services.
5on Google, Jul 27, 2017
Dr Gayles is amazing, great doctor for chronic migraine treatments more »
Business Response:
Thank you for your kind words. We strive to provide best service...
5on Google, Jul 26, 2017
Best doctor and staff you will ever find. He took all of the time needed with me, he was so empathetic, kind, understanding. His team is amazing as well! Going to see him today more »
Business Response:
Mr. Rivera we are glad to know you were happy with the services provided.
5on Reviews Today, Jul 22, 2017
I started with Dr. Gayles in Merritt Island in 2001, I was diagnosed with CRPS. I can't begin to tell you the compassionate care I received from him. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable about my condition but he truly cared about me. Due to my husband's job and us moving to NC I am no longer able to see Dr. Gayles and it has been a huge transition for me. Nobody will ever care for me the way he did. He truly is the best! more »
5on Google, Jul 06, 2017
Dr. Gayles and his staff are incredibly dedicated to their patients. They offer non-invasive options and are holistic in their approach. I love that they look at whole patient not just the immediate symptom! more »
Business Response:
Thank you for your wonderful review. Our priority is always our patients.
5on Google, Jun 27, 2017
Absolutely the best care! Dr. Gayles and the staff are exactly what you want in a health care team. Very professional, friendly and you never have to wait to be seen. more »
Business Response:
Thank you Mrs. Upton for your review. We are glad to hear you are happy with the care and service we provided.
5on Google, Jun 27, 2017
Dr. Gayles really listens to your medical problem and tries his hardest to find the best possible solution. more »
Business Response:
Mrs. Staples thank you for the wonderful review. Our #1 priority is our patients.
5on Reviews Today, Jun 23, 2017
The staff are very helpful and professional.. Dr Gayles listened intently to my circumstances and was very helpful.
I like this office !
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5on Google, Jun 21, 2017
Dr. Gayle was excellent and we look forward to continue seeing him in an effort too help manage the pain in my mother's knees. He provided thorough explanations for the options to help in this case. Excellent staff members ad well. more »
Business Response:
Thank you for your kind words. We are here to give the best care possible to our wonderful patients.
5on Google, Jun 20, 2017
I love this doctor. He is very friendly and caring. The staff is very professional and friendly. The entire practice cares about the whole person. more »
Business Response:
Thanks Mr. Davis for your review. We are here to serve our patients and ensure the best care possible.
5on Google, Jun 15, 2017
Doctor Gayles is a compassionate, well informed doctor. He always listens to your issues. He takes time out for you.
No revolving door care here.
I drive 40 miles to see him.
He will
try hard to get to the root of your problems.
And his staff from front office to the back nursing staff are super friendly and reflect upon his great service.
Totally recommend this practice.
more »
Business Response:
We appreciate your review and feel great knowing you are happy with our medical care. My staff and I take pride in caring for all our patients and making you all our #1 priority.
5on Google, Jun 14, 2017
Dr. Gayles and his entire staff are the most considerate and caring group of professionals. Dr. Gayles bedside manner is impeccable. He takes time to explain your condition in terms that your able to understand. I've never had to wait more than 15min to be called back. I'm so glad that in my search for a pain management Dr. I decided to come to lake Nona medical arts. I'd recommend him 100% more »
Business Response:
Thank you for your wonderful review. We love caring for our patients
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At Nona Medical Arts we believe living pain free starts with a conversation between the mind, body, and spirit. By taking a unique, multi-disciplinary approach to pain management, the chronic pain that overcomes your daily life can be something of the past. The goal of Nona Medical Arts is to provide you with non-surgical, regenerative alternatives so your body can heal itself without the shackles of daily drugs or the need for invasive surgery. Innovative therapies delivered by our compassionate medical staff allow you to achieve your best quality of life in today’s active world.more »

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